The Fox Family


My love for this family runs deep.  Like 6+ years deep, when I first photographed their engagement photos, then the little guys newborn photos, and their family photos every year since.  I truly look forward to meeting up with them each year, hearing about how their lives are going, and taking some time in between the conversation to capture their family.  At this point, they are practically my family.  In fact, I’m expecting an invitation to thanksgiving this year :p  Enjoy!

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Just because

Spring time is just around the corner!!  And I’m dreaming of the days when the fields will be filled with mustard flowers, just like they were for Jenna & Marshal’s “Just because” session.  Though they weren’t at the time, Jenna & Marshal are now engaged!!  So why not celebrate their love for each other, and my love of mustard flowers, by sharing these beautiful images from their session.  jm blog_0001jm blog_0002jm blog_0003jm blog_0006jm blog_0004jm blog_0005jm blog_0007


B&b Preschool Portraits

A couple weeks ago, I started my fall preschool portrait season with the kiddos at B&b Love and Care Center.  I’ve been capturing B&b’s preschool portraits for over 5 years, and have loved watching these little ones grow!!

I am now booking small preschools and in home daycares for the fall 2015 and spring 2016 season!  If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in having me photograph your center, please feel free to contact me!!  I’d love to tell you how my services can benefit your school!!bb 2015_0002

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Sunflower School Preschool Portraits

Sunflower school spring 2015_0028As you may or may not know, I absolutely love photographing preschools!  I’ve been doing so for the past 3 years.  I love having the opportunity to photograph the smaller centers, like this one, that the large school photography companies don’t service. I am presently gearing my portfolio up for the fall portrait season, and thought I’d share some of my favorites from The Sunflower schools spring sessions!  I have to tell you, these kids were a photographers dream!!  I can’t think of one little friend who wasn’t a willing participant when it came to having their photo taken.  Full of smiles, the kiddo’s at The Sunflower school rocked their picture day!!  Sunflower school spring 2015_0029 Sunflower school spring 2015_0030 Sunflower school spring 2015_0031 Sunflower school spring 2015_0032 Sunflower school spring 2015_0033 Sunflower school spring 2015_0034 Sunflower school spring 2015_0035 Sunflower school spring 2015_0036 Sunflower school spring 2015_0037 Sunflower school spring 2015_0038 Sunflower school spring 2015_0039 Sunflower school spring 2015_0040Sunflower school spring 2015_0043 Sunflower school spring 2015_0041

The Scott Family

Oh man am I behind on this blogging thing!  So I’m taking it back to the January and my first session of the year.  This family session has been a long time coming!  I’ve been photographing the littlest of this clan’s preschool photos since she was 2 years old.  So it was great to finally be able to get the whole family together in front of my lens!  We had the best time together exploring Effie Yeaw Nature preserve!  As you can see, these folks are quite photogenic, making it easy to capture such beautiful photos of their family.  Enjoy!