Robert & Brianna’s Wedding

Here it is!! My first “Official” post!! With Photos and everything! It will be short and to the point. It’s 3a.m. and WAY past my bedtime. Robert & Brianna were married May 21, 2010, at The Victorian in Roseville. What a beautiful wedding!! I feel so blessed to have been chosen to document it!! Robert & Bri, you guys are the best!! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph for my “First Wedding”!! Thank you so much for the opportunity! And now, without further adieu….

Hello World!!

So, here it is. Finally. I’ve created a blog for my photography. Will I be consistent with updating? Who knows? But it’s worth a shot =). My plan is to post my recent work, whatever it may be, for all the world to see. I may even add somethings about my personal life. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now! One day at a time. And tomorrow it begins…….