Shawn & Oliva

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The Fox Family


My love for this family runs deep.  Like 6+ years deep, when I first photographed their engagement photos, then the little guys newborn photos, and their family photos every year since.  I truly look forward to meeting up with them each year, hearing about how their lives are going, and taking some time in between the conversation to capture their family.  At this point, they are practically my family.  In fact, I’m expecting an invitation to thanksgiving this year :p  Enjoy!

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Just because

Spring time is just around the corner!!  And I’m dreaming of the days when the fields will be filled with mustard flowers, just like they were for Jenna & Marshal’s “Just because” session.  Though they weren’t at the time, Jenna & Marshal are now engaged!!  So why not celebrate their love for each other, and my love of mustard flowers, by sharing these beautiful images from their session.  jm blog_0001jm blog_0002jm blog_0003jm blog_0006jm blog_0004jm blog_0005jm blog_0007